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Product type:ISOLA 370HR PCB
Material:isola 370hr HIGH TG PCB
Layers/plate thickness:6-layer
Surface treatment:Immersion Gold
Line width/line spacing:4mil/4mil
제품 세부 정보:
Industry Leading, Standard Loss, Heat Resistant Epoxy Laminates and Prepregs

The isola 370hr is the industry's best lead-free compatible product for high reliability applications in a wide range of markets.

isola 370hr laminates and prepregs are designed by Polycaldo and made with a patented high performance 180°C Tg FR-4 multifunctional epoxy resin system,

This system is designed for multilayer printed wiring board (PWB) applications that require maximum thermal performance and reliability. isola manufactures isola 370hr laminates and prepregs with high quality E glass fabric,

Has excellent conductive anode filament (CAF) resistance. isola 370hr offers excellent thermal performance with a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and mechanical, chemical and moisture resistance properties that match or exceed the performance of conventional FR-4 materials.
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