Rogers RT5870 HF board
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Rogers RT5870 HF board

Product type:Rogers RT/duroid 5870 HF board
Material:Rogers RT/duroid 5870
Layers/plate thickness:2-layer/0.9mm
Line width/line spacing:0.762mm
Applications:Commercial Aerospace Broadband Antennas Microstrip Line and Strip Circuit Millimeter Wave Equipment Military Radar Systems Missile Guidance Systems Point-to-Point Digital RF Antennas
제품 세부 정보:

Material properties:
RT5870 is a glass microfiber reinforced PTFE composite designed primarily for precision stripline and microstrip circuit applications.

The randomly oriented microglass fibers provide good uniformity in the dielectric constant of this material.

The dielectric constant of the RT5870 laminate remains consistent across the board and is constant over a wide frequency range. The low dissipation factor extends the application of the RT5870 laminate to the Ku-band and upper-band.

RT5870 material is easy to cut and form, and has good resistance to all kinds of cold and hot solvents or reagents used for etching printed circuits or plating edges and vias.

Features and Benefits:
Lowest electrical losses in reinforced PTFE material

low water absorption


Consistent electrical properties over frequency Excellent chemical resistance

Application areas:
Commercial Aerospace Broadband Antennas

Microstrip and Strip Circuits

Millimeter wave devices

Military radar system

Missile guidance system

Point-to-point digital RF antenna

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