Rogers RO4350B PCB
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Rogers RO4350B PCB

Product type:Rogers RO4350B HF board
Material:Rogers RO4350B
Layers/plate thickness:2-layer/1.65mm
Line width/line spacing:1.524mm
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Rogers high frequency board brand introduction

Rogers is a leading supplier of special materials. Founded in 1832, Rogers is one of the oldest listed companies in the United States. Relying on its new materials and solutions, Rogers has always maintained its leading position in the industry. Its products cover the technically demanding circuit applications, mainly including : Custom materials, commercial grade materials, antenna grade materials, prepregs and adhesive films.

Rogers has the world's leading advanced circuit board materials, and has achieved a huge breakthrough in the high frequency and high performance of the global wired and wireless communication circuit boards. The main markets include: wireless base stations, aviation and defense, automobiles, high-speed electronics, etc.

What are the characteristics of Rogers high frequency board

Let us take Rogers' newer product RO4000 series high-frequency board as an example to introduce the characteristics of Rogers' high-frequency board. The characteristics of Rogers RO4000 high frequency board are: non-PTFE, low loss, low tolerance and excellent high frequency performance, stable electrical characteristics at different frequencies, low dielectric constant temperature coefficient, low Z-axis thermal expansion coefficient, low internal expansion coefficient of the board , excellent dimensional stability, easy to mass production.

Rogers RO4000 High Frequency Board Material: Constructed of glass fiber reinforced hydrocarbon/ceramic substrate (not PTFE), designed for high-performance, high-volume commercial markets. RO4000 series materials are characterized by high frequency performance and low cost of circuit board production. It has low loss and similar processing technology to ordinary epoxy resin/glass woven fabric (FR4), so it has strong price competitiveness.

Rogers RO4000 high frequency board has stable performance: when the circuit operating frequency is above 500MHz, the range of materials that design engineers can choose is greatly reduced. RO4000 series materials allow RF engineers to easily design circuits, such as repetitive design of filters, network matching, and impedance control of transmission lines. Due to its low dielectric loss characteristics, in high frequency applications, RO4000 series materials are more unmatched by ordinary circuit materials. Its dielectric constant temperature coefficient is almost the lowest among similar materials, and its dielectric constant is quite stable in a wide frequency range. This makes the material suitable for broadband applications.

Rogers RO4000 High Frequency Board Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of the RO4000 series of materials also provides circuit designers with several benefits. Due to its thermal expansion coefficient similar to that of copper, it provides excellent dimensional stability. This is especially important for multilayer circuit designs. The low Z-axis CTE expansion coefficient of RO4000 series materials ensures the quality of through-holes in the board even in severe thermal shock applications.

Rogers RO4000 high frequency board is widely used: it can be used in satellite TV LNB, microstrip line, cellular base station antenna and power amplifier, spread spectrum communication system, RFID tag, etc.

Our company specializes in PCB manufacturing and has many years of rich experience in PCB manufacturing. We are committed to providing global customers with fast and high-quality PCB boards at reasonable prices. Each circuit board is made according to strict standards, in line with IPC, RoHS and other standards. Ensure that the PCB circuit board meets customer requirements.

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