Millimeter wave radar circuit board
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Millimeter wave radar circuit board

Product type:Millimeter wave radar circuit board
Material:Rogers RO3003+370HR
Layers/plate thickness:6-layer/1.2mm
Surface treatment:Immersion silver
Line width/line spacing:5mil(0.127mm)
Applications:Car radar UAV aircraft car autopilot gate induction speed detection object security
제품 세부 정보:

Millimeter waves refer to electromagnetic waves with wavelengths between 1-10mm, short wavelengths, wide frequency bands, easier to achieve narrow beams, high radar resolution, and less susceptible to interference. At 24GHz, 77 or 79 GHz, the performance of millimeter-wave radar antennas is very important for these Very important for radar systems, they need to transmit at the target and receive almost instantaneously the reflected signal if the target is another vehicle. Key mmWave radar PCB antenna performance parameters include gain, directivity, and efficiency. Low-loss circuit materials are critical for good PCB antenna performance. Long-term reliability of PCB antennas is also very important because these compact antennas and their high The frequency transceiver circuits must also operate continuously (while the vehicle is running) and operate reliably in the more challenging operating environment—commercial motor vehicles.

The RO3003 high frequency material board has excellent dielectric constant (Dk) stability over temperature and frequency. The unique design makes the material stable and eliminates the step change in the dielectric constant of general-purpose PTFE materials at room temperature. Ideal for applications such as automotive 77GHz mmWave radar boards, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and 5G wireless infrastructure (mmWave boards).

The commonly used laminated structure of automotive 77GHz millimeter-wave radar circuit boards is 1-2 layers of blind hole laser drilling.

Millimeter wave radar circuit board application field:

automotive radar

unmanned aerial vehicle


gate sensor

Speed detector


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