RO4350B+FR4 High frequency mixed plate
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RO4350B+FR4 High frequency mixed plate

Product type:RO4350B+FR4 High frequency mixed plate
Material:Rogers RO4350B+FR4
Layers/plate thickness:4-layer/1.6MM
Line width/line spacing:0.508MM
제품 세부 정보:

Rogers RO4350B is a hydrocarbon/ceramic laminate with a dielectric constant of 3.48 that meets the requirements of commercial grade equipment manufacturers for printed circuit boards.

Has the following advantages:

1. Low RF loss

2. Low dielectric constant fluctuates with temperature

3. Low Z-axis thermal expansion coefficient

4. Low expansion coefficient inside the plate

5. Low dielectric constant tolerance

6. Stable electrical characteristics at different frequencies

7. Easy to mass production and multi-layer mixed pressing of FR4, cost-effective

Purpose: Communication

special requirement:
The bottom layer has a large area of immersion gold, which is beneficial to the heat dissipation of the PCB.

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