8-layer Rigid-flex board
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8-layer Rigid-flex board

Product type:8-layer Rigid-flex board
Layers/plate thickness:Hardboard 8-layer、FPC 4-layer/0.15mm+1.2mm
Surface treatment:Shen Jin
Line width/line spacing:6mil/6mil
제품 세부 정보:

The birth and development of FPC and PCB gave birth to new products of Rigid-Flex PCB. Therefore, the combination of a flexible circuit board and a rigid circuit board is a circuit board with FPC characteristics and PCB characteristics, which is formed by combining the flexible circuit board and the rigid circuit board by pressing and other processes according to relevant process requirements. . Advantages and disadvantages of flex-rigid boards Advantages: Flex-rigid boards have the characteristics of both FPC and PCB. Therefore, it can be used for some products with special requirements, not only has a certain flexible area, but also has a certain rigid area, which is of great help to save the internal space of the product and reduce the volume of the finished product. Disadvantages: The production process of rigid-flex boards is diverse, the production is difficult, the yield is low, and it will consume a lot of manpower and material resources. Therefore, the price is relatively high, and the production cycle is relatively long.

Application: mobile phone pcb, keyboard pcb, side button pcb, computer pcb, LCD screen pcb, motherboard pcb, display pcb, disk drive pcb, NOTEBOOK pcb, hard drive pcb.


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