36-layer IC Test Substrate
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36-layer IC Test Substrate

Product type:36-layer IC Test Substrate
Layers/plate thickness:36-layer/5mm
Surface treatment:gold plated
Line width/line spacing:0.75mm-0.075mm
Applications:IC Test / Semiconductor Test
제품 세부 정보:

The IC test substrate (probe card) is a test interface, which mainly tests the bare core by connecting the tester and the chip, and testing the chip parameters by transmitting signals. The main purpose of the probe card is to directly contact the probes on the probe card with the pads or bumps on the chip to draw out the chip signal, and then cooperate with the peripheral testing instruments and software control to achieve the purpose of automatic measurement. The probe card is used before the IC is packaged, and the function test is performed with probes for the bare die system, and the defective products are screened out before the subsequent packaging engineering.

IC test substrates often use ultra-high-rise PCB boards in PCB production, generally more than 12 layers, and the hole diameter of the drilled hole is small and has a large aperture ratio. Generally, it is difficult for PCB factories to produce artificially.

Gail Electronics is a professional manufacturer of high precision PCB.

IC test substrate application:

IC testing

Semiconductor testing

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