Rogers RT5880 30mil
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Rogers RT5880 30mil

Product type:Rogers RT5880 30mil 高频板
Material:Rogers RT/duroid 5880
Layers/plate thickness:2层/0.9mm
제품 세부 정보:

The high frequency of electronic equipment is the development trend, especially with the increasing development of wireless networks and satellite communications, information products are moving towards high speed and high frequency, and communication products are moving towards the standardization of voice, video and data for wireless transmission with large capacity and high speed. Therefore, the new generation of products developed require high-frequency circuit boards.

Choosing a PCB board must strike a balance between meeting design requirements, mass production, and cost. Simply put, design requirements include both electrical and structural reliability. Usually when designing very high-speed PCB boards (frequency greater than GHz) this board problem is more important. For example, the commonly used material FR4, the dielectric loss Df (Dielectricloss) at a frequency of several GHz will be very large, which may not be applicable.

How to choose Rogers high frequency high speed sheet

In actual engineering operations, the selection of high-frequency plates seems simple, but there are still many factors to consider. Through the introduction of this article, as an engineer or high-speed project leader, you have a certain understanding of the characteristics and selection of plates. Learn about sheet electrical properties, thermal properties, reliability, and more. And rational use of stacking, a product with high reliability and good processability is designed, and the consideration of various factors is optimized.

RT5880 high frequency board is made of PTFE glass fiber reinforced material. High-frequency circuit design has always had strict requirements on the dielectric constant of printed circuit boards. The dielectric constant of RT5880 is only 2.2 when measured at 10GHz operating frequency, which is significantly lower than similar materials currently on the market. Therefore, from the performance parameters and From the perspective of production cost, this board is more suitable for high-frequency design applications than similar products. At the same time, the dielectric loss of this sheet is measured under the same standard, which is only 0.0009. The extremely low dielectric loss makes it very suitable for high-frequency and wide-band design applications that require minimized dispersion and loss. It is mainly used in point-to-point digital radio antennas, micro High frequency circuit boards for stripline and stripline circuits, millimeter wave applications, missile guidance systems, military radar systems, commercial aviation telephones.

Features of RT5880 high frequency board:

1. Very low dielectric constant, measured at 10GHz, the dielectric constant is 2.20±0.02;

2. Very low dielectric loss, measured at 10GHz, the dielectric loss factor is 0.0009;

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